Treetop Forest Chalets

Eco Friendly Forest Glamping

Teniqua Treetops offers off grid glamping in sustainable treehouses, 16 km from the N2 highway in the forest, not far from the "slow" town of Sedgefield in the Garden Route. It's a thoroughly unique place, with 8 glamping chalets combining timber, glass and wood, built into the forest canopy.

Teniqua Treetops

The property is entirely off grid and sustainable, with solar panels providing ALL the electrical needs and purified water from natural sources. If you want a "resort or hotel" getaway, then it's probably not for you, but if you love nature and want to experience the tranquility of the forest, and in a 100% sustainable way, then THIS is a place you will enjoy.

We’re best suited to nature lovers, those wanting something a little unique, quirky, and adventurous; especially when the winds pick up and the odd thunderstorm hits. Teniqua Treetops offers one of the best romantic getaways in the Western Cape, secluded and private and yet still situated close to Sedgefield and Knysna.

Each Treetop Suite is private and hidden on the edge of the forest, becoming its own bird-hide. In the entertainment area there is a wild-fig tree that is its own eco-system. At night, if the fruit is ripe, you’ll see fruit bats enjoying a feast. During the day, Cape White Eyes, Knysna Turacos and Forest Canaries dine on the fruit. Vervet monkeys may even dare to snatch a fruit or two.

All our suites are nestled within the magnificent indigenous Knysna Forest. The suites Couples Treetop Suites are built in a gorge, so access is from ground level and the front of the suite is built on stilts ranging from two to six meters above ground, giving you breath-taking views of the Karatara Gorge or the majestic Knysna Forest.

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