Social Media Marketing

A personal, mobile focused approach to leveraging social media to promote your business.

Make Social Media Work For You

As a business owner, by participating in social media, you can target audiences that might otherwise have been out of reach. In addition, on social media your customers can interact with you directly in a far more personal way than was possible with traditional methods of advertising. I can help make social media work for you...

- Original Content Creation

Social media platforms, (and search engines like Google), love original content, so building a strong brand, using original visual and written media, on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin etc, is a great way of getting your business noticed. But, the right content for a particular platform and the audience that it attracts is equally important.

- Right Audience at The Right Time

Different social media platforms attract different audiences, it follows that understanding where your target target market "lives" in the social space, and also the nuances of the different networks is vital, so you can ensure that business is where needs to be. Posting random content at random times won't necessarily reach the right people, or give maximum returns, it's vital to post strategically and consistently.

- Posting Consistency

It's easy to set up a facebook page and start posting, less easy is doing so consistently and posting at the right time of day and with the right content to achieve maximum "bang for your buck". It makes sense for you as a business owner to focus on what you do best, and rest easy, knowing that your social media brand is in safe, professional hands.

- Influencer Marketing

An online "influencer" is not necessarily a celebrity, in fact in most cases the best ones don't necessarily have tens of thousands of followers, but the ones they do have are real people, who are enthusiastically loyal. Their followers genuinely trust their recommendations and suggestions rather than simply scrolling through a timeline clicking the "like" button. They are a source of high quality referrals because they, the influencer likes and BELIEVES in your product, and their followers believe in THEM to give trustworthy advice.

- Device Specific

According to the latest statistics for 2022, mobile phones generate 61% of website traffic, while desktops and tablets are responsible for 39%. For social media, which alone accounts for 25% of all web traffic, the number of people accessing their favourite platform is 80% mobile and 20% desktop and tablets. So it's essential to make sure that content is designed to work across various devices, screen sizes, resolutions and formats.

- Paid Ads Management

Paid advertising on social media platforms can bring excellent results, but if not done properly it can end up costing a lot of cash for very little results. I'll help you to reach exactly the right customer for your product, at the right time and at the right price.

By being directly involved with every process and drawing on trusted specialists as needed, rather than employing expensive full-time staff, I can keep costs down and maintain personal contact. And I'm just a phone call, text or email away for a quick response in plain language.

I Can Help Your Business

An online presence is an expensive investment, to be cost-effective, a social media marketing strategy needs to be geared towards driving qualified buyers to your website or app, and I've been helping businesses to do so online for years.

Whether it’s a small business or a large corporation, the right combination of visual and written content, social media penetration and using search engines like Google to drive traffic, at the right price point, is essential to promote any brand. I don't work out of a city centre office with huge overheads, but it's not a one-man show, working closely with a network of experts, as needed, I can handle projects of any size, and at a lower cost.

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Facebook is perhaps the most famous, and the most popular social media platform for most businesses, but getting the most out of the platform takes in depth knowledge and expertise.


YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine after Google, with 30 million users watching 5 billion videos every day, and video is a powerful way of attracting new audiences and new business.


While more mainstream social media platforms get most of the press, Linkedin is a powerful "secret weapon" in the marketers arsenal, it's where business decision makers hang out


While not considered a "social media" platform, Google Business Pages feature high on search engine results and are an excellent way of reaching both new and existing audiences.