Hole in The Wall Drone

Wild Coast by Drone

We spent a week exploring the Wild Coast towns of Morgan Bay, Coffee Bay and the incredible Hole in The Wall, in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. Here’s the drone video, equipment was a Dji Mavic Air2 and footage was captured in 4K. It’s rural South Africa where cows have right of way and life is synched to a much slower pace. It’s SO worth a visit. Morgan Bay Morgan Bay is about 100km past East London and is very […]


Namibia Road Trip Luderitz Luderitz is quite a bustling town, once a wealthy diamond mining centre, it’s now mostly reliant on fishing and tourism. Kolmanskop Ghost Diamond mining town is a place that’s maybe unique in the world. Between 1908, when the first diamond was discovered there, until the late 1920’s it was a very wealthy town, with electricity before most cities in Europe, a theatre where acts from Europe would perform, a fully equipped hospital and some luxurious mansions. […]

Kalahari Road Trip


Kgalagadi Road Trip The Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park is pretty much as far north as South Africa extends, the first thing that springs to mind is a dry, almost lifeless desert. How wrong assumptions can be though. On our visit, after a summer of excellent rains, which were far from over, the area was a green paradise, with lush grasslands, full waterholes and abundant wildlife of all kinds. Into The Kgalagadi The name Kgalagadi is derived from the San word for “land […]

Zanzibar Beach Cocktails


Zanzibar Of the several islands in the Zanzibar Archipelago, the main island, commonly known as Zanzibar Island, is officially called Unguja, here are some photos from our recent trip to the Spice Island of Zanzibar. We spent 2 nights in Stonetown, 2 at Kichanga Beach Lodge on the East coast of the island and 2 nights at Fumba Beach Lodge, which is on the West coast. Enjoy the photos.



If ever there was a place in the world with a “soul”, Sossusvlei is a candidate, and it gets my vote. It’s a place to which I keep on returning, for a video maker or photographer it’s in a league all of its own. Sossusvlei Sossusvlei is indeed a magical place, absolutely unique in the world, I hope you enjoy the photos. Deadvlei